Pablo Guisa Koestinger

1983-03-02 (40 years old) in USA

From his own description in LinkedIn: -CEO MORBIDO GROUP- Horror Fan, active vampire, magazine & book publisher, movie producer, film festival & TV Channel Director, TV and radio host, Haunted House Designer & Cannes Fantastic Pavilion Executive Director He has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Mexico’s Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the Valley Forge Military Academy and College. CEO of RAGNATELA SOCIETAS, an Entertainment Factory that manages brands such as: Spiderland®, Morbido® & Horrock®. And creates content for Warner Home Ent, Fox TV Networks & SyFy Channel, among others. Associated Producer in "Terror 5" by Rotstein Brothers, "La Valija de Benavidez" by Laura Casabe, "Downhill" by Patricio Valladares, "The Similars" by Isaac Ezban, "Scherzo Diabolico" by Adrian Garcia Bogliano, "The Incident" by Isaac Ezban, "Here comes de Devil" By Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Executive Producer in "Masacre esta noche" (2009) feature film by Adrian & Ramiro Garcia Bogliano & associate producer in feature film "Aire" (2004) by Sergio Solares. As an actor in the ABC's of Death. Worked in television series & features in Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, China, Nepal, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt. In television has worked in both the documentary & entertainment genres for institutions and tv networks: Televisa, TV Azteca, Canal 40, Canal 22, Discovery Channel, MTV, RAI, Deutsche Welle, Vatican Television, National Institute of Anthropology and History & Department of Archeological Salvage in Mexico, Colciencias & Colcultura in Colombia. In advertising for firms such as Quittani, García Bross, Cuatro y Medio, Filmmates and The Maestros.

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