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During the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Xuan (Jiang Hua) fell in love with the beauty of Yang Guifei (Shang Hai Lan) is an orphan. was a famous woman in those days and also a wise man is the concubine that Hong Tae loves the most The love of the two is filled with Romance despite the big age difference Jealousy puts her in danger. They plan to kill concubine yang to death by Concubine Wu came to befriend to find an opportunity to slander Causing Yang's concubine to miscarry and ordered the army to kill Yang. But instead made the Hong Tae even more favored by her. and allowing her to participate in politics, thus giving her high political influence The emperor was wise to use capable people and with the power of concubine Yang, the Yang brothers were given their reign. Brother Concubine Yang has reached the position of general.