Toro and Moro

0 | 2012-09-19 |

This was my entry to a very old (2004) Channel101 pilot for FX. IT SUCKS! DON’T WATCH IT! Out of all the things I’ve ever made, THIS is the one that I am the most ashamed of. I hesitated to even post it on this website, but that felt like the wrong thing to do. Let me start with the things that I love about this. I love Patton Oswalt as the father. I wrote the character to be like Dave from “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and Patton delivered the goods and then some. I love Rich Fulcher as the battery guy/ dad’s friend. Rich is amazing. I love Laura Silverman as the little girl. in fact, I love all the voices except for Toro and Moro themselves. I also love the character designs and I love the painted backgrounds by Steven Chunn. I love the look overall. It feels nice. But I dropped the ball where it counts the most. The story and the comedy.


Abed Gheith
Moro (voice) / Galahad Faulkner (voice)
Justin Roiland
Toro (voice) / Mr. Nanners (voice) / Customer #1 (voice)
Laura Silverman
Tiffany (voice)
Rich Fulcher
Rich (voice)
Steven Chunn
Customer #2 (voice) / Customer #3 (voice)